Toenail Fungus Treatments for People Over 50

As if all the other things associated with aging weren’t enough you can also add toenail fungus to the long and growing list. Unfortunately, the fact is, the older we are the more prone we are to facing nail fungus infections for several different reasons. Statistics tell us that nearly fifty percent of people over 60 are dealing with some degree of toenail fungus making onychomycosis an incredibly common health problem for senior citizens and the elderly.

So why are senior citizens or people over 50 so prone to toenail fungus and its many irritating symptoms and what can be done to combat this growing problem?

Senior Citizens and Toenail Fungus

Although it is certainly true that nail fungus can affect anyone at any age, senior citizens and the elderly are particularly at risk partly due to factors such as poor blood circulation in the extremities like the hands and feet. Decreased circulation renders the body’s natural immune system less effective than usual leaving it at an increased risk of acquiring a nail infection among other ailments.

Nursing homes and long term care facilities regularly use the services of podiatrists who visit residents and patients over 70 or over 80 who are dealing with issues like nail fungus. People with diabetes, which is a rather common disease affecting the elderly, who are also suffering from poor circulation may be at risk for developing nail fungal infections as well as those dealing with autoimmune disorders.

Solutions for Treating a Nail Infection

Home remedies for treating toe nail fungus abound especially thanks to the Internet and the numerous websites in existence featuring recipes, concoctions, and supposed cures for the condition. Unfortunately, home remedies for curing a nail infection are overwhelmingly ineffective and should not be relied upon most especially by the elderly who may be dealing with a number of other underlying or accompanying health issues.

At the other end of the spectrum, prescription medication does exist for treating toenail fungus, but their cure rates are unimpressive while their side effects are frightening leaving many to look to over the counter products containing natural ingredients in hopes of a cure.

Because adults are so susceptible to getting nail fungus and because it can be so difficult to treat, finding the most potent OTC formula available is highly recommended for even the mildest cases of toe nail fungus for anyone over 40, especially those who want to avoid dealing with side effects from prescription drugs.

Also, adults who have several risk factors for getting a nail infection such as those who perspire heavily or who frequent health clubs or similar public places must be extra vigilant about protecting themselves from toenail fungus by taking a proactive approach to the problem.

Always explore your options carefully and rely upon trusted advice rather than anecdotal reports from strangers when it comes to dealing with something as important as curing your toenail fungus. If you are interested in a natural product with no side effects, consider an OTC product taken in therapeutic dosages rather than resorting to questionable and potentially dangerous home remedies.

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