Toenail Fungus Oregano Oil Treatment

If you are considering a toenail fungus oregano oil treatment, you are certainly not alone. As word of adverse side effects from modern medication run rampant through news and media reports, more and more of us are searching for alternative yet effective means of treating both our minor and major ailments. But, with so many different remedies and methods to choose from it is getting rather difficult to discern which may be the best choice due to a plethora of contradictory information available on the Internet. One such debate is in regards to the toenail fungus oregano treatment that is garnering quite a bit of attention as anecdotal reports of its efficacy abound online.

You may already be fully aware of just how difficult it can be to get rid of a stubborn nail fungal infection and may have even tried several different prescription or over-the-counter drugs in the past as well as various home remedies and concoctions. But could a simple and inexpensive ingredient like oregano that is commonly used in a variety of tasty recipes really cure toenail fungus?

How Oregano Oil Nail Fungus Treatments Work

Oregano oil is not the only essential oil that has been associated with treating nail fungus as tea tree oil and lavender oil have also been mentioned in many home remedies. But, the pungent herb has been widely used for this and for a variety of other medicinal purposes ranging from respiratory ailments to stomach pain for centuries in several cultures around the world.

Native to Mediterranean regions such as Greece, the oregano plant is used to create essential oil of oregano through the process of steam distillation which extracts a number of components including carvacrol, a compound used today in fungicides. Researchers do know that oregano oil features a number of beneficial properties including being a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral agent. Essential oregano oil has also been used for its analgesic and antirheumatic properties and is even said to be able to reduce the pain and sting of insect bites.

According to the vast majority of home remedies related to the subject, topical nail fungus oregano treatments must be done on a regular, ongoing basis for any results to be seen. Most advice regarding toenail fungus oregano treatments recommend that the oil be diluted with some type of carrier oil such as olive oil and then applied directly to the affected nails using a cotton ball or swab once or twice a day for several weeks or months.

The reason so many of us are looking for alternative solutions to irritating conditions like toenail fungus is the bevy of possible side effects that come along with most if not all of the modern medicines available on the market today. Some antifungal medications including Lamisil have been linked to serious conditions such as liver failure and other lesser side effects including diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches, and skin rashes. In addition, many medications aren't effective at all for some people's fungal infections! But could a toenail fungus oregano treatment really be a viable option and a way of avoiding frightening side effects?

The Pros and Cons of Oregano Oil Toenail Fungus Treatments

Oregano oil toenail fungus treatments are undoubtedly simple to do and don't require any fancy ingredients or trips back and forth to the podiatrist or doctor. Oil of oregano can easily be found online and in health food or vitamin stores and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to conventional medications.

However, oregano oil nail fungus treatments do require both patience and persistence as they can take up to four or five months before any results are seen and all throughout treatment, the feet must be kept clean and dry while wearing well-fitting, comfortable shoes and cotton socks to allow them the chance to "breathe." Also, oregano can definitely cause skin irritation, which is why it should be diluted first before using. Irritation is a known side effect of oregano oil nail fungus remedies so care should be taken if you have sensitive skin.

Although many people have stated that toenail fungus oregano treatments have been rather successful for them there is still no valid scientific evidence to support those claims, nor any recommendations as to the ideal amount of oil to use or the frequency of applications. Before investing your time, money and effort on any anecdotal cure or home remedy that may or may not work for you it's always wise to explore all of your treatment options thoroughly and seek medical advice when needed.

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