Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Laser toenail fungus treatment is a new option. As laser treatments for all types of illnesses and conditions grow in popularity, it is natural that it be considered to treat toenail fungus. The first laser treatments were tried in the 1980s. They were designed to create small holes in the nail bed in an attempt to get medications closer to the source of the problem. These treatments were both costly and virtually ineffective.

Today the laser application makes a comeback in the toenail fungus treatment arena because the market is ripe for a cure. Any device manufacturer who is able to get an effective product on the market stands to gain significantly both in notoriety and financially. As a result, companies who are manufacturing laser equipment to treat toenail fungus are rushing their products to market, even in advance of FDA approval. Only limited testing on toenail fungus has been done and with uncertain results.

Podiatrists also stand to gain should laser treatments prove effective. Many jumped on the band wagon and offered these treatments even before FDA approval. They don't make any promises and those who can afford to take the gamble do so believing it is worth the risk. A cure may or may not occur but the only side affect is a leaner bank account. The initial treatment costs the patient $1,000 to $1,500, with follow-up treatments of approximately $500. When you know that laser treatments for toenail fungus are not covered by insurance, you understand that it's very serious money for patients!

Toenail fungus laser treatment is expected to be painless and free of side effects. However it appeared to be untrue for many patients that reported a very painful procedure. This is one such feedback about the pain caused by laser treatment:

"I had two toenail fungus laser treatments, and both were very painful. The information I had read on the procedure which was reiterated by the doctor, said to expect a "warm" feeling when the laser was applied. However, I could barely sit through the procedure which to me, felt more like a blowtorch to my toes. Additionally, the first procedure did not work very well, and the doctor ended up prescribing me the oral medication anyway."

While the jury is still out on the efficacy of laser treatments for toenail fungus, podiatrists are drawn in by the idea of a miracle cure for toenail fungus. They are eager to have something at last to offer their patients, and it doesn’t hurt them a bit. In fact, they stand to gain quite a bit financially. An important question remains unanswered for the consumer. Is the laser treatment for toenail fungus, in fact, a miracle cure or just premature hype by the medical community and the manufacturers of the laser equipment for a cure that has not yet been proven?

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