Nail Fungus Causes and Cures

If you are one of the many people who have developed discolored and thickened toenails and fingernails you are undoubtedly wondering what is causing this unsightly condition and what you can do about it. About fifty percent of the time, nail fungus is the cause of this condition. As you will learn here, the causes of nail fungus are easy to understand but not as easy to treat and cure.

Nail Fungus Causes

Fungal infections of the nail are typically caused by a type of fungi called dermatophytes, but they can also be caused by an overgrowth of yeast and molds. These microscopic organisms live in our bodies under normal conditions and can actually be beneficial in limited quantities. They do, however, thrive in dark, warm and moist environments and can result in an overgrowth which then can become the cause of nail fungus.

Nail fungus infections occur most often on toe nails precisely because the feet are kept inside of socks and shoes for long periods of time. It is a perfect environment for the fungi to thrive as it is warm, dark and often damp from sweat. Fingernails, by contrast, are exposed to light and air most of the time, both of which are deterrents to the growth of fungi.

High Risk Factors

Nail fungus occurs most often in adults. Athletes and people who frequent health clubs and gyms are at a higher risk because molds and fungi thrive in warm, damp locations. People who perspire heavily are also at a higher risk than those who do not.

Nail fungus causes also include decreased blood circulation. The extremities are the first part of the body to be affected by poor circulation, making the hands and feet prime targets. Poor circulation can cause the body's immune system to be less affective in fighting infection particularly where blood flow is diminished. Elderly people are at a higher risk for nail fungus infections because their circulation slows as they age.

People with other illnesses, such as diabetes and auto immune deficiencies, are more likely to experience nail fungus infections. Poor circulation is a common problem among diabetics and any illness or condition that compromises the immune system will make an individual more susceptible to fungal infections of all types.

Tips for Prevention

One of the best ways to keep nail fungus at bay is to keep your nails clean, trimmed and dry at all times. After being in contact with water, make sure you dry your nails thoroughly. Massaging your nails can increase circulation and bring the natural oils to the surface. Dry, cracked skin and minor injuries and infections that occur on the fingers and nails make the area more susceptible to fungal infections. Wearing gloves while cleaning and undertaking projects that expose the hands to scrapes, cuts and nicks will help guard against these injuries and reduce the risk of a fungal infection developing.

Wearing clean socks everyday, which are made of quality materials, can help prevent toenail fungus infections. Avoiding activities and the conditions that cause nail fungus, such as pools and gyms is not always possible. But, wearing protective footwear in public showers and drying your feet carefully can reduce your risk.

Cures for Nail Fungus

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for nail fungal infections. In fact, they are quite difficult to treat. Among the most common methods of treatment are the following:

  • Prescription medications taken orally which unfortunately have unpleasant side effects. Less than fifty percent of those who take these medications see results and the infections can recur. Toenail fungus cure rates greatly vary on physical individual response and the patient' s willingness to follow the regimen.
  • Prescription lacquer provides benefits to only ten percent of users.
  • Laser Treatments: expensive and not yet approved by FDA. Results not yet verified.
  • Natural cures: Chlorine bleach, Teat Tree Oil, Listerine, Vicks Vaporub, Lavender Oil – very poor results.
  • Over the counter and prescription creams and ointments which in most cases offer minimal benefits. Some exceptions exist but they are generally overlooked by nail fungus sufferers.

Nail fungus causes are fairly well known, but effective treatment methods are rarely found by sufferers. It is an extremely difficult condition to treat and sadly the best toenail fungus performing treatments are very often missed by the ones that need them the most.

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