Test Participants Opportunity

When you become a test participant, you contribute to the research conducted on nail fungus treatments and you get the chance to be reimbursed for the cost of the treatment you purchased (up to $150). Participants will be entered in a monthly sweepstake and one out of every ten will have the cost of their treatment reimbursed.

If you are interested in participating, don't wait because many nail fungus sufferers have already joined and only a limited number of participants are still needed. We will close our list when we reach 200 participants.

How does it work?

Becoming a test participant is simple. You just need to follow these instructions:

  1. Order a popular nail fungus treatment using one of these links:

#1 Zetaclear – Click here

#2 Funginix – Click here

Our system will register the date and time of your order.

Remark: To monitor test participants from the beginning of their treatment, we only recruit people who use a treatment through one of the above links.
  1. Email us your receipt

Send us your receipt including your name, address, order number, date and time, quantity, and fee paid. We will validate this information with the data collected in step #1. Eligible participants will receive a confirmation email.

Email your receipt to research @ toenailfungustreatmentreview.com

Please note that your information will remain strictly confidential.

  1. Start using your treatment of choice, and carefully follow the enclosed instructions.
  1. An online feedback questionnaire will be sent to you after 4 weeks to assess the progress of your treatment. More questionnaires will be sent at a later stage.
  1. A sweepstake will be run every month and one out of ten participants will have the cost of their treatment reimbursed (up to $150). We will contact you personally to confirm where we should send your reward.

To get started, click on one of the following links:

#1 Zetaclear – Click here

#2 Funginix – Click here

Thank you for your participation in our nail fungus study!

Heather Stewart
Senior Editor