Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

Many of the supposed do-it-yourself remedies are from common household items. Lavender oil, oregano, apple cider vinegar, beer, chlorine bleach, Listerine and even Vicks Vaporub have been touted as possible treatments for nail fungus. Let's quickly review these home remedies before explaining why we found them to be a waste of time.

Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine BleachTreatment: Soaking the feet for about ½ hour a day (preferably 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening) for 15-30 days in a solution of one part of chlorine bleach to 10 parts of water (strong solution) or one part of chlorine bleach to 100 parts of water (more diluted solution). For better treatment, it's advised to do it for two months. After each treatment, fully dry the affected area (you can use a hairdryer).

Warning: Note that chlorine bleach is hazardous chemical. It is corrosive and it will damage any skin that has been exposed while bleaching the toenail fungus infected area. Do not inhale the fumes that come out of it and eyes should not come in contact with them. Keep it out of reach of children.


Preparation: One liter of room temperature dark beer, half sachet of acidophilus and one liter of white vinegar mixed in a container.

Treatment: Soaking your feet or fingers for ½ hour at least once a day for one month. For better results, it is advised to do it twice a day for two to three months. After each treatment, fully dry the affected area (you can use hairdryer).


Treatment: Apply drops of apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar directly on the infected area three times a day (preferably after taking a shower). Do it every day, for six months at a minimum. Once a week, soak your nails for 20 minutes in a tub with vinegar.

Vicks Vaporub

Background: Vicks Vaporub is a cough suppressant topical analgesic. We found people who use it to treat nail fungus disease!

Treatment: Rub your infected nails with a generous dose of Vicks two times a day for 6 to 16 months.

Research: A research done by the University of Michigan found it ineffective for over 62% of nail fungus sufferers who participated in this study. According to another recent consumer survey, over 90% of people who have tried Vicks Vaporub for 3 to 12 months don't recommend it as an effective nail fungus treatment.

Warning: Vicks Vaporub is approved neither by the FDA nor by its manufacturer for use as a nail fungus treatment.

Essential Oils

Most popular oils: Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil, Lavender Oil.

Treatment: We found many recipes for using these oils separately or blended together. What's common to all is that you need to apply it at least twice a day for three to six months for toenail fungus.


Background: Listerine is an alcohol-based mouthwash. Its active ingredients are menthol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, and thymol.

Treatment: Fill a small basin with Listerine. Soak the affected nails for 30 minutes. Repeat soaking twice a day. Do it every day, for six months at a minimum.

Warning: Since Listerine is an alcohol-based solution, it can be quite painful if you have any cracks on your feet.

Our study found these home recipes to be a waste of time in treating toenail fungus for the following reasons:

  • These treatments are very time consuming and most people found them extremely difficult to perform when they come as a regular task on a daily basis and for a long period of time. Our test subjects dropped these treatments after 1-2 weeks because they were too busy and found them incompatible with their life!
  • These products may be hazardous and are not necessarily free of side effects. E.g. chlorine bleach is a chemical that can seriously damage your skin and we found many negative feedbacks about tea tree oil causing allergic reactions like rash and blister on feet and dermatitis on hands.
  • After extensive research online and interviews with health professionals we came to the conclusion that people rarely achieve a definite cure of their nail fungus with such do-it-yourself receipts. They may feel a temporary improvement without solving the root of the problem because these natural ingredients are not fully effective when used in non-therapeutic dosage and blending.
  • These products are considered to be cheap but when used daily, several times a day and for 3 to 12 months, they may be quite expensive.

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