Discolored Toenails

Having one or more discolored toenails is often a clear indicator that something is awry and in the vast majority of cases, ordinary toenail fungus is the primary culprit at work. And although a discolored toenail can strike anyone at any time, the elderly are more prone to the unsightly condition. But fortunately the problem is reversible with patience, persistence, and being thoroughly educated on the causes and possible cures for nail fungus infections.

The Causes of Discolored Toenails

Discolored toe nails may be white, yellow, brown, green, or even black and all of these discolorations may be caused by a nail fungus infection of varying stages. A discolored nail usually starts out with one or more white spots, typically near the edge of the nail, often indicating a fungal infection has begun. Once the infection has progressed to the second of the three stages, more discoloration occurs and the nails may become brittle, cracked, split, and noticeably thicker.

During the final stage of fungal infections a discolored toenail may become deformed due to the crumbling and thickening of the nail causing considerable pain and discomfort. At this point, the infection will be rather difficult to treat although not impossible.

A discolored nail may also be caused by injury to the feet, toes, or toenails, or from repeated trauma such as through playing certain sports, or perhaps from blood collecting underneath the surface of the nail. Even keeping the toenails covered in nail polish can lead to discolorations over time as well as an increased risk of fungal infections as the nail’s surfaces are deprived of essential oxygen.

Successfully Treating Discolored Nails

Successfully treating a discolored toe nail involves much more than getting rid of the yellow, brown, green or even black spots and streaks on the nails but also reaching the root of the problem to avoid a widespread fungal infection.

Prescription drugs for treating toenail fungus and crumbling, thickened, or discolored toenails are available but their success rates are questionable. In addition to troubling side effects such as nausea, headaches, and skin rashes, some prescription medications for treating fungus and discolored nails cause serious health problems including liver and kidney damage leaving many to turn to natural, home remedies in hopes of treating their discolored toenails.

Some people choose to treat their discolored toe nail with ordinary ingredients found throughout the home such as mouthwash, white distilled or apple cider vinegar, beer, and essential oils like tea tree oil. Thickened or discolored toenails should be soaked twice per day with the nails being kept clean, dry, and neatly trimmed at all times. Soaking the infected toes in plain, warm water and then filing away the affected layers of the nail should also be done on a regular basis regardless of the actual treatment you decide to use.
Also, always wear shoes in public places and especially where bacteria may be lurking such as in showers, locker rooms, gyms, and swimming pools. Keep the feet dry and in socks that will help to absorb moisture.

While discolored toenails are annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes even painful, there are viable remedies to consider and learning as much as possible about each of them will allow you to make an informed decision, take immediate action, and enjoy clearer, healthier looking nails

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