Best Toenail Fungus Treatments

There are currently many kinds of toenail fungus treatments available: a diverse choice of prescription medications, laser treatment, home remedies, and over-the-counter topical formulas. You might have come across products such as Lamisil, Sporanox, Penlac, Patholase, Zetaclear, Funginix, Nail-Rx, Nailtek, Fungicure and many others.

This diversity of approaches and available products are the symptom of the main nail fungus treatment problem: Toenail fungus is so hard to eliminate that to date, healthcare companies have experimented with many ways to cure this nail disorder without identifying a treatment that is unanimously recognized for its effectiveness.

Moreover, finding the most effective treatment is often blurred by massive advertising campaigns that by definition are biased, and by the absence of a comparative study conducted between all types of treatments.

Consequently, consumers are more confused than ever because they lack an integrative view bringing all pieces of the puzzle together and that clearly sheds light on different treatment options and the ones that have the best odds of success.

To fill the gap we have done extensive research on all kinds of treatments and conducted an exclusive consumer survey among nail fungus sufferers. You can read the findings of this comprehensive study throughout this site.

To ease and quicken your learning curve, you can find our recommendation here for the treatments that proved to be highly effective for most people. You can also use our chart, which clearly and succinctly summarizes key information to consider about each treatment option.


Our recommendation

From among all the treatments covered by our study, two topical remedies in therapeutic dosage proved to be safe, affordable and effective:

#1 Zetaclear: Zetaclear full review | Zetaclear Web site

#2 Funginix: Funginix full review | Funginix Web site

These products achieved a high consumer satisfaction rate and worked for most people. This is why we recommend them.


Toenail Fungus Treatment Chart

Use this chart to get a clear view of toenail fungus treatment options. It is similarly relevant for fingernail fungal infections.

Cure Rate
Prescription Medication

Oral Medications: Lamisil, Sporanox, Diflucan

Topical Medications: Penlac, Loceryl

9% - 50%

>> Serious side effects

>> Low cure rate

Laser Treatment

- Patholase PinPointe

- Nomir Noveon Laser


>> Financial Risk
>> No guarantee
>> Painfull

Home Remedies Vinegar, chlorine bleach, essential oils (oregano, tea tree, lavender), beer, Vicks VapoRub, Listerine mouthwash, etc

2% - 10%

>> Ineffective
>> Time consuming
>> Potential side effects
>> Costly in the long run
Common OTC Products Dozens of products available online or at your local pharmacy without a prescription.
10% - 55%

>> Low-medium cure rate

>> Poor results on advanced nail fungus

Top Natural Remedies in Therapeutic Dosage

#1 Zetaclear

#2 Funginix

Above 75%


None known
to date








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