Barielle Fungus Rx Review

None of us wants to deal with the embarrassment and discomfort that comes along with nail fungus, an extremely stubborn yet relatively harmless condition. Whether you have a mild case of fungus with nails that have just started to turn white or yellow or you’re suffering from a full blown case of onychomycosis and have severe discoloration along with brittle, cracked, or crumbling nails, there are plenty of over the counter products to choose from such as Barielle Fungus Rx, one of several topical solutions available on the market today.

What is Barielle Fungus Rx?

Fungus Rx is made by Barielle, a company who originally made a cream used to condition the hooves of racehorses and eventually evolved into creating a range of products for growing stronger, healthier nails. The manufacturer describes Barielle Fungus Rx as a specially formulated, odor-free solution that is effective in eliminating fungus and helping to prevent the spread of bacteria as well as fungi and viruses that commonly affect the nails.

This gentle formula by Barielle is a topical treatment that is applied using the included dropper making it easy to gauge the correct dosage. The dropper is also a hygienic way of applying the solution and eliminates the risk of spreading the fungal infection to other nails and it is recommended that Barielle Fungus Rx be applied to the infected areas including under the nails and on the cuticles twice per day.

Some of the ingredients in the Barielle formula for treating nail fungus include Tolnaftate, propylene glycol, benzyl, cetyl, and stearyl alcohols, and aloe vera.

The Pros and Cons of Barielle fungus Rx

A few definite positive aspects of the Barielle Fungus Rx treatment are the facts that its active ingredient Tolnaftate has been registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and the solution is extremely mild. When used as recommended, no side effects are expected from using the Barielle treatment for nail fungus.

In terms of cost, the average price of Barielle Fungus Rx is $18 for a one fluid ounce bottle and it is available in some brick and mortar locations such as pharmacies as well as through various online merchants.

While several anecdotal testimonials in favor of Fungus Rx by Barielle can be found online by people who say they have used the product, there are no reports of serious clinical trials conducted on the formula to gauge its effectiveness in treating the causes of nail fungus. When assessing our own consumer surveys on OTC nail fungus products, this, along with the vast majority of others on the market today, shows satisfaction rates ranging from as low as thirty percent to a high of fifty percent in the best of cases.

Nail fungus can, unfortunately, be rather difficult to treat successfully and it also varies greatly in terms of severity. Nail fungus is also notorious for its ability to spread quickly although it can take many months of treatment before any results are seen. Even once the visible signs of nail fungus have greatly improved, the underlying cause must still be addressed in order to avoid a possible reinfection.

When it comes to deciding which of the many different OTC products may be right for you and your fungal infection time is certainly of the essence, however, you will definitely want to fully explore all of your options carefully before making any decisions for saving time, money, and effort. Because some people have reported favorable results using the Barielle Fungus Rx treatment it isn’t necessarily a mistake to consider, especially if you have a rather mild case of nail fungus, but it’s always best to still investigate all of your possible treatment options first.

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